Why choose us?

Quite simply, we want your business.
We will work hard to help make your project a success.
We offer the service that only a local, family-operated business can provide.​


We offer #2 & Better spruce, pine, and hem-fir construction lumber,
in widths from 2” to 12” and lengths from 8’ to 20’.
Plywood from ¼ to 1 ⅛ are also available.
Square and tongue/groove sizes come in specific thicknesses.


Nails/Screws – by the pound or the box.
Nuts, bolts, washers-imperial and metric, are in stock.
​Anchors, brackets, hinges, hooks, latches, pullies, rope, wire, cable, and chain are also available​.

Pellet Fuel

Lignetics wood pellets burn longer and hotter with less ash.
Made with high quality western conifer sawdust.
We will stack them anywhere you need!

Service, The best in town​

From our experienced, knowledgeable staff, quality material,  
and complimentary cutting service to free delivery,
​no one beats our service.